The Power of Love

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Hannah saw it coming. As a man drenched in sweat wearing a knit cap came barreling towards her she sidestepped him, reaching out her hand to catch the purse she knew he would drop.

What she didn’t anticipate was the police dog.

Until she was pinned against the wall being held hostage by yellowed fangs and a vicious snarl.

“Good doggie. You’re not going to bite me or drool on my rayon skirt, are you?” Clutching the purse, she tried not to move, annoyed that yet again her mild psychic ability had provided her with thoroughly useless information, like when to catch the purse, but failed to warn her she was the next episode of When Animals Attack.

“I didn’t steal the purse,” she pleaded with Lieutenant Lease, who growled again, showing no sign of easing up. “This has all been a mistake, really.”

“He can’t understand you, you know.”

Hannah looked past the toffee fur into the amused eyes of one very good looking cop, uniform straining across his broad chest.

“Recall, Ralph.”
The dog sat down and his tongue lolled out.