Speed Demon

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Okay, true confession here. I actually sort of liked Levi, despite the fact that he’d been coughed out of hell through a demon portal in my shower. He made me laugh, and he really was actually a nice guy (demon) for the most part when he wasn’t being obnoxious (aka Every Guy I’ve Ever Met). “Thanks, Levi.” I rested my head on his chest and put my arms loosely around his middle, staring at his chin with its wispy stubble. Levi wasn’t as muscular as Adam (did I mention Adam is my boyfriend? If I did, so what, it bears repeating. Frequently) but it was nice to lean on Levi and think of him as a friend. When we weren’t giving each other a hard time, we really did get along. “Man, you have morning breath,” he murmured. “You’d better run up and brush before you knock anyone out.” Nice. So much for being tight with him. And for the record, I already had brushed and flossed. I pulled back and spoke extra loud, with lots of forced air right into his face. “Sorry.” I saw the young construction hulk glance over at us, and I moved a little closer to Levi. There was something about that guy that freaked me out. He was just so… big. Levi grinned. “I’m kidding, you know.” “I know. It’s a totally male behavior to use insulting humor when he’s uncomfortable with his own display of emotions.” Wow. I had actually learned something in Psychology that could be applied to real life. When does that ever happen with forced knowledge? I tried to pull away to escape to my room but he held me tighter. “Exactly. You may not appreciate me, but you understand me.” Um… why was Levi looking at me like that? Sort of intense and amused and intrigued, and when exactly had his leg started touching mine? Were we really that close to each other? “I do understand how your demonic mind works.” Sort of. I opened my mouth to blow another steady stream of alleged morning breath right onto his face to make him laugh or grimace- either would be rewarding- when he leaned over. And kissed me. What the…? You know what it’s like when you totally don’t see something coming and you’re caught off guard, so you just stand there blinking with your mouth wide open? That’s what I did. He was kissing me, and I was gaping and blinking for a solid ten seconds. Then an incredibly weird thing happened that while I can explain biologically, I can’t explain intellectually, because I can’t ever imagine that if my brain had actually been functioning independently of my body, what happened next would have gone down. But guys use hormones as an excuse for like ninety-five percent of their behavior so I think I can use it too. This is my hypothesis of spontaneous lip encounter: Without benefit of my brain, which was paralyzed in shock, my body decided that when my lips are kissed, I should kiss back. Cause and effect. Action and reaction. Touch fire, pull back. Windy day, reach for hairbrush. Squirrel in road, hit the brakes. Levi’s kisses me, kiss back. See? It was a natural reaction, in essence, just a reflex. So it didn’t mean anything that I dug my fingers into his short hair, or that when he went in with tongue, I felt a shudder rip through me like a 4.0 on the Richter scale, or that a kiss sort of morphed into a really long, extended mini make-out session. Just reflexes. Normal stuff. Didn’t mean a thing. Obviously Levi thought so too, because when we broke for air, he looked at me, stunned. Sort of like my dad when he walked in and found I’d driven the family minivan through the kitchen wall. “Uh…” My thoughts exactly. He should have left it at that. Instead, he had to be stupid enough to keep speaking. “Sorry, K. I didn’t mean to do that.” With that, he turned and left the kitchen, leaving me standing there wondering why no one had given guys a manual. Like a Things Not To Say To Girls Ever kind of guidebook. Because what makes a guy think for one minute that any girl under any circumstances wants him to apologize for kissing her? It’s like saying, “Sorry, but that was a total mistake. If I hadn’t been temporarily insane due to testosterone, I would have never, ever kissed someone as (insert insulting adjective here) you.” Apology= insult. Stupid= Levi.