Houston, We Have a Problem

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Josie Adkins had to stop waving her hot little ass in Houston’s face, or he was going to have to slide his hands across it and squeeze. Which would fall squarely under the heading of sexual harassment. He could see the headline. State of Florida vs Dr. Houston Hayes. Surgeon fondles resident and loses license. Sweet little Josie had no idea he was plotting ways to lick her like a cat does cream. She wasn’t tempting him with her curvy behind on purpose, so he couldn’t really blame her for the guttural detour his thoughts had been taking on a regular basis. But just how in the hell an orthopedic surgeon could be so damn clumsy was beyond him. And Jesus, was Josie clumsy. So clumsy that at least six times a day he was subjected to the sight of her bent full over at the waist retrieving something from the floor she had dropped. Today was even worse. They were alone in a semi-dark alcove, for the purpose of looking at a patient’s X-ray, only Josie had done her usual butter-finger bit. The film Josie had been holding had slipped out of her hand, hit the floor, and disappeared under the desk next to her. She was now on her hands and knees, wiggling around searching for it. God help him. No one with a body that lush and womanly should be wiggling on her hands and knees unless she was naked and it was part of foreplay. “Whoops. It just jumped right out of my hand, Dr. Hayes,” she said, in a cheerful voice. Houston counted from one to ten and back again until he was in control of himself and his bodily urges. He didn’t know what it was about her that had him hiding hard-ons left and right and sweating through three pairs of surgical scrubs a day. She wasn’t his type at all. She was on the short side, with an odd haircut that made her light brown hair flip around at gravity defying angles. When she smiled, twin dimples appeared and she looked about twenty years old. She talked constantly. He had heard other staff members affectionately refer to her as a dingbat. Yet here he was, unable to look away, all too aware that her scrubs were worn thin in strategic places. “It has to be here somewhere.” Josie disappeared under the desk, at least the front half. The back half was still in full view. He could see her underwear. The thin scrubs hid nothing, and the position she was in on her knees pulled them taut, giving him a clear view of her panties. They were riding up just a little, sliding into the crevice between her cheeks, fitting close and tight. There was a little red lip print stamped on each side of her panties, and he wondered what she would do if he leaned forward and placed his own mouth right on one of those lip prints. And bit her. He was fascinated by the full curviness of her behind, and ached all over from the desire to taste her, to cup his hand between her legs and feel her heat pulsing through his fingers. He wanted to know if there was a matching lip print on the front of her panties. So that if he kissed it he would feel her soft dewy mound give a little beneath his mouth. It seriously annoyed him, this edgy uncontrollable desire. Houston had never had a problem maintaining his professional distance with both patients and co-workers. If anything, he had been accused of being too reserved. Now this one woman, this tiny tornado of smiles and klutziness, had successfully breeched his aloofness. Impatient with his thoughts, he glanced at his watch. How long had she been on the floor? It felt like hours. “Do I need to come back, Dr. Adkins, when you can make your X-ray films behave?” Visions of making her behave with his hand on her soft bottom flitted through his mind, playing like a porno video. He had meant it to sound like a cool rebuke, but it came out sounding suggestive. Either of which seemed too subtle for Josie. She laughed from under the desk, like he was simply teasing her, than gave a little cough. “Yuck. I think I inhaled a dust bunny.” Her head reemerged long enough to smile at him in reassurance. “Just give me a sec. I’ll get it.” “Really, we can do this later.” Since he had learned just about nothing could hurry her up. Of course, he could brush her aside and get the damn thing himself. But he didn’t want to hurt her feelings. Josie always tried so hard to gloss over her gaffes. Plus he was a total masochist who didn’t want to deny himself the glorious view of her backside, even though he knew he couldn’t, shouldn’t- wouldn’t act on his lust. So Houston resented the distraction and cursed himself, but still couldn’t tear his eyes away from her, not even long enough to pick up the X-ray himself. “Almost got it.” She gave him another blinding smile, head cocked to the right as she stretched her hand a little further. He put his hands on his hips and reminded himself, again, that getting involved with a resident would be a complete nightmare, no matter how freaking adorable she was. “I need one of those rubber arms, like Stretch Armstrong, that really weird doll my cousin had when we were kids. Remember that?” she asked him. He shook his head. Rubber dolls were the least of his problems right now. “Well, it was kind of cool, in a bizarre sort of way, kind of like molded silly putty. What did you play with?” Her eyes widened a little, and Houston fought the urge to moan. Josie managed to mix innocence with that lush body, all tossed alongside her brains and her quirky personality. It was an unusual combination he was finding damn hard to resist. Especially in this room that wasn’t really a room, but a very small, very crowded alcove cut out of a corner in the hallway. Where Josie was just inches away from him. “When you were a kid, I mean, what did you play with?” She kept feeling around on the floor. “Risk? World domination seems like your thing.” Should he be offended? “No.” “So what then? Nerf football? Twister? Chess club?” He folded his arms and rubbed his chin. He’d forgotten to shave that morning and the stubble was irritating and itchy. He was well aware that if another co-worker had engaged in this ridiculous conversation with him he would have walked away. “I played doctor.” Let her figure out what exactly he meant by that. Except that Josie seemed immune to sexual innuendos. “Here it is!” She pulled the film out and handed it to him. Josie sat back on her heels and blew her hair out of her eyes. “Oh, well, that makes sense. Like Operation? That game that buzzed at you if you dropped the body part?” Houston just stared at her as she brushed her knees off. He had read Josie’s personnel file. On paper, she was only a few IQ points short of a genius. In person, she was a chatty, clumsy, sex nymph. Who had his nuts in a knot without even trying. “Thank you, Dr. Adkins.” He took the X-ray, shaking a dust ball off of it, and wondered just when her residency was over. With a little luck she would leave Acadia Inlet Hospital for another resident rotation at least fifty miles away, taking her sweet ass with her. Until then, he was going to have to work overtime at pretending she didn’t make him go hard just by entering the room. He’d had two rules since he had broken things off with his last semi-serious girlfriend four years earlier. No long-term relationships. No anything with another hospital employee. It had worked so far. He dated casually, and when it was mutually agreed upon, had some no-strings attached sex. Neither of which were done with someone he had to see every day in a professional capacity. But when he had joined the staff at Acadia Inlet three months ago, he had met Josie. And suddenly, his hormones seemed to think rules were meant to be broken. Holding the film up to the light, Houston focused his thoughts squarely back on his job and was pleased to see evidence of his original diagnosis. “Okay, exactly what I thought. Schedule surgery while I talk to Amber’s parents.” “How soon?” Josie asked. “Within a week.” “Okay. Not a problem. I’ll take care of everything.” A smile danced across Josie’s plump lips as she played with her ID badge clipped to her waist. She smiled so much it gave him a headache. No one could be that damn cheerful all the time. Yet, she was, and damn it, he found that attractive. Everything about her was attractive to him, almost as if he liked her. At that thought, he shot her a violent scowl. The ID badge flew off her pants and hit the floor. “Whoops.” There was no way that word should be sexy, but somehow it was. Josie leaned down to pick up her badge right as he turned to move out of her way. Her forehead connected with his thigh. His pants were no thicker than hers and he could feel the warmth of her skin brush against him. Hot breath drizzled across his crotch as she gasped in surprise. Houston took a fast step back. By sheer will power he prevented an erection from popping up and embarrassing the hell out of both of them. “Oh, sorry, my fault,” she said, brushing her hair out of her green eyes. The movement made her shirt pull up, exposing a tiny ribbon of pale smooth skin above her waistband. If he opened his mouth, the only thing that would come out would be a primitive growl, so he kept his lips clamped shut tight. This time when she started towards the hall, she tripped. Over nothing, from his point of view. But as she stumbled, he reached out and grabbed her arm to steady her. “Thanks,” she said in a breathless voice, her moist pink tongue peeking out from under her shiny teeth. The corners of her eyes crinkled as she smiled. If she had any idea how close he was to yanking down her pants and sliding into her, she wouldn’t be smiling at him. She would be running. Or moaning. Shit. Houston dropped her arm. “You’re welcome.” Annoyed, he turned his back on her to hide the hard-on that he could no longer keep at bay. He stood rigid and listened to her leave the room, her shoes squeaking on the tile floor. He was never this greedy, this needy, this wanting. It made him feel reckless and vulnerable, out of control. All feelings he despised. Would a hot, burning affair with Josie be inappropriate? Yes. But so was repairing Mrs. Kransky’s kneecap while sporting an erection, which he was going to have to do in another minute, since his dick was not cooperating and deflating. Sleeping with Josie wouldn’t just be inappropriate, it would also be a mistake, of course. But if no one knew and it was just a night or two… Houston grabbed the film and started toward the door. No. He would not give in to his base carnal urges. Unless Josie gave him the slightest hint that she was interested. Then he wasn’t sure he could stop himself from taking a taste of those lips. All of them.