Frequently Asked Questions

Will you write a story for Caroline and Allison from YOU DON’T KNOW JACK and THE PREGNANCY TEST?

After ten years I can finally say YES, I am! Allison’s story, HOW TO GET LUCKY, will release in June of 2015 with Caroline’s to follow in the fall. Now dubbed the “Sexy in NYC” series I am so excited to finally publish these books! See the series page for more information on release dates and how to preorder your copies.

Will you write more contemporary romances (Without vampires or college students)?

Yes, I am! See the question above, where I will be finishing the Sexy in NYC series. Also, I have a trilogy of Harlequin Blaze titles available, the From Every Angle series (Double Exposure, Close Up, and Deep Focus.) Then also in the works is a brand new series set in Nashville. It will be a trilogy and should be releasing in 2016 though all details haven’t been worked out yet. This will be very similar to the Fast Track series in tone.

How many books will there be in the Blurred Lines series?

As of right now, five books total, though never say never.

Does Abby, Charlotte and Bree’s sister, from An Enchanted Season and The Magical Christmas Cat have a story?

Yes! Abby has a story out now in ebook only format, Abby’s Christmas Spirit.

How many books are in the Fast Track series?

There are eight books total in the Fast Track series! FULL THROTTLE, Rhett Ford’s story, came out in December 2013. In 2014, FINAL LAP was released with have a main romance and a secondary romance in it. Check the series page for the order of the books in the series.

Is the Vegas Vampires series really finished?

Yes, it stands at four books and the two loosely connected novellas in FIRST BLOOD and OUT OF THE LIGHT, INTO THE SHADOWS. I ran out of characters to write about, so I don’t see where I could go beyond the existing books.

Will there be a sequel to TRUE?

While it isn’t a sequel featuring Tyler and Rory, the series features romances for other characters, including Riley Mann. As of right now, there will be four books in the TRUE BELIEVERS series. The second book, Jessica’s story, came out in October 2013 and is titled SWEET. The third and fourth books, BELIEVE and SHATTER are also available in both ebook and print.

Where can I get free TRUE or Full Throttle swag?

To receive a free TRUE tattoo and/or a Full Throttle bookplate, send a SASE to P.O. Box 16514, Rocky River, OH 44116.

When is the next teen DEMON book out?

Unfortunately, this too is a publisher decision, and as of right now, there will be no third book. Can you see me pouting? ๐Ÿ™ I really want to finish the series and am toying with the idea of publishing them myself on Kindle. If you would be interested in a Kindle edition, let me know!