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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Abby, Charlotte and Bree’s sister, from An Enchanted Season and The Magical Christmas Cat have a story?
Yes!  Abby has a story out now in ebook only format, Abby’s Christmas Spirit.  
Why is Abby’s Christmas Spirit only available as an ebook?
Unfortunately, my publisher was not interested in Abby’s story at this time, so I chose to self-publish it so readers would have access to her story with Darius, instead of having poor Abby languish loveless.  I have considered creating a print version, because I completely sympathize with wanting to read a good old paperback, but I have held off because it would be quite expensive for me to do it, and quite expensive for readers to purchase.  Since rates are set by print on demand publishers, I would have to charge approximately $6 or $7 dollars, as opposed to the $2.99 ebook price.  So, I am definitely interested in hearing readers opinions on this.  If you would be willing to pay that price, please let me know, and if enough readers are on board, I will be happy to do it. 

Will you write a story for Caroline and Allison from YOU DON’T KNOW JACK and THE PREGNANCY TEST?

The short answer is no, not right now.  The reason for that is a bit of an explanation, but the original two books were written for one publisher.  I now write for another publisher, and due to very complicated legal reasons that make my head spin, the books can’t be written right now.  Hopefully some day!  I had great stories planned for the remaining two NY Girlfriends.

How many books will be in the Fast Track series?

There will be eight books total in the Fast Track series! FULL THROTTLE, Rhett Ford’s story, will be out in December 2013. In 2014, the final book will be released and it will have a main romance and a secondary romance in it.

Why is HOT FINISH coming out in mass market paperback when the first two were in trade size?

This is a publisher decision intended to get greater distribution for the book.  I know the different sizes are awkward, but at least they’re cheaper! :)

Is the Vegas Vampires series really finished?

Yes, until something drastic changes with my publisher, it stands at four books and the two loosely connected novellas in FIRST BLOOD and OUT OF THE LIGHT, INTO THE SHADOWS.

When is the next teen DEMON book out?

Unfortunately, this too is a publisher decision, and as of right now, there will be no third book.  Can you see me pouting? :(  I really want to finish the series and am toying with the idea of publishing them myself on Kindle.  If you would be interested in a Kindle edition, let me know!

Will there will a sequel to TRUE?

While it won’t be a sequel featuring Tyler and Rory, there will be a series with romances for other characters. As of right now, there will be four books in the TRUE BELIEVERS series. The second book, Jessica’s story, will be out in October 2013 and is titled SWEET. The third and fourth books will be out in early 2014 so there won’t be much waiting!

Where can I get free TRUE or Full Throttle swag?

To receive a free TRUE tattoo and/or a Full Throttle bookplate, send a SASE to P.O. Box 16514, Rocky River, OH 44116.


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